Fulfilling Your Life Purpose and Mission

Fulfilling Your Life Purpose and Mission

Fulfilling Your Life Purpose and Mission

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Your life is the most precious thing you have. Nothing is more important than using your time and energy to do what you came here to do. Some people know by the age of five exactly what they are going to do with their life – and they do it! Others don’t even consider the question until they are thirty or forty. Some go to their grave wondering what it was all about. We hope you don’t do this!

Lots of people look at others and wonder why they get special attention or enjoy lucky breaks? It often appears that the attention or luck is coming from the outside world to the special individual. However, if you watch closely, you will see that the “special” person is paying close attention to everything around him and is doing three things. One, he is responding enthusiastically and openly to the positive things that happen to come his way. Two, he is minimizing the negative things that happen to occur by using a strong sense of humor and inner balance. What you pay attention to grows. What you ignore might as well not exist, and soon – it doesn’t! And three, he has a set of fairly clear ideas about who he is and what he wants to do with his life, his time, and his energy.

When it comes to fulfilling your life purpose you have to dig deep inside your heart with total honesty to find what you would love to do. Many people get stuck right there because doing what you want is often bogusly classified as selfish. It’s not selfish. Think of yourself as a car that was created at an automotive stamping plant. If you were engineered to be a Ford truck, you can’t pretend to be a Volkswagen Beetle or a Cadillac Escalade.

You were created by a power much greater than yourself and imbued with natural tendencies, talents, and gifts so that you could contribute those things to the world. Your job is to discover the things you love to do, then set about developing yourself in order to do them. This generates a rich tapestry of experience for yourself and others and makes the world a beautiful place.

Sometimes people will say, “But I don’t have any natural talents!” Just because you don’t think you have talent now doesn’t mean you won’t develop any if you go looking. A few people are born knowing what their life purpose is, but the majority discover it quite by accident. A friend named Robbie was just doing his job as a journalist and had to interview some golfers. He tagged along with them, got drawn into the game, and developed a passion for it. Looking for more excuses to get out on the golf course, he started teaching kids how to golf. That led to the realization that he wanted to help make the world a better place by working with kids and teaching them about life using the game of golf as a metaphor. What started out as a half-guilty desire to play more and more golf led to the discovery of a deep sense of purpose and a mission in life.

Something we hear a lot is “When I was younger I wanted…” If you had a passion for something and it was squelched or died an unnatural death because of obligations to family, difficult circumstances, timidity, or inability to see that it was truly possible, now is the time to resurrect that passion.

Don’t let family, friends, or the people around you make you feel guilty about wanting to explore your life. Instead, encourage them to explore their own and you’ll have a potential partner on the journey to self-discovery! The early stages of exploration and discovery often feel chaotic and uncertain, but don’t stop. Having a sense of purpose or a mission to fulfill will help you live a life full of positive self-expression, joy, and satisfaction.

In many conversations over many years, something we’ve heard regularly is how much people would enjoy helping others, doing good, being a philanthropist if they just had more time, money, or energy. We have all experienced the pangs of frustration at not being able to give – whether it’s money to a friend in need, or wisdom to a child who must learn for herself.

Uncovering your passion, finding your life purpose, pursuing a mission that ignites your mind and fires your soul is a great way to help others because it teaches other that you think it’s important to be who you really are – and this gives subtle permissions to other to do the same.

Fulfilling Your Life Purpose, Mission, and Goals will not only take you into the depths of yourself, it guides you along the journey to being authentic. You have a wealth of insight in you that you may never have tapped before, and this portion of the Ultimate Destiny not only helps you do so, it helps with goal-setting, refining, and nurturing your purpose and mission until it is firmly established.

From the dozens of self-assessment questions, personal visions, and goals to the affirmations, gratitude, people, and learning that are all part of being able to sustain yourself on the journey, you find a host of supports and resources.

You can transform your life, you do have a reason for being, you can develop new interests, talents and skills no matter where you are in life – and Fulfilling Your Life Purpose, Mission, and Goals will help you do so.

It’s easy to feel discouraged when you set goals, but don’t achieve them. While there are a number of factors that come into play, often the reason why a goal failed is because it wasn’t a S.M.A.R.T. goal.

After helping you determine your life purpose and mission, in this interactive program from Ultimate Destiny, we will help you set S.M.A.R.T. goals, greatly increasing the likelihood of achieving your goals and enabling you to live life on purpose.

Fulfilling Your Life Purpose includes pre and post self-assessment quizzes, featured resources, application exercises and tools for planning what priority action steps to take to achieve your ultimate success in this area of successful living.

The Program includes 12 main sections designed to help you discover your dreams and realize your ultimate success:

1. Know Thyself! Self Assessment Discovery Exercise

2. How to Envision Your Ideal Future as You Harness the Creative Powers of Your Imagination

3. How to create A Feeling of Gratitude for the Realization of the Vision of Your Ultimate Potential

4. How to Set and Achieve S.M.A.R.T. Goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Dated)

5. How to Develop and Implement Action Plans

6. How to Use Visualization with Vision Boards and Treasure Maps

7. How to Develop and Use Affirmation Statements

8. How to Nurture Your Heart’s Desires

9. How to Identify and Work with Coaches, Mentors and Cheerleaders

10. How to Create Your Own Mastermind Support Team

11. How to Apply the Law of Attraction by Flowing Positive Energy to Your Vision

12. How to Enjoy Maximum Benefits from Engaging in Lifelong Learning of Essential Successful Living Skills

Table headers:



Provides an overview of how to find your unique purpose and mission in life. Discover your purpose; explore it in more depth.
Gives a useful Interest Inventory Create and record the grandest vision you can of what you are here to do.
Provides techniques of exploring life passion and mission Feel the excitement of knowing your mission and the passion to fulfill it.
Information on Mastermind groups and other support people Create your own dream team of supporters to help you keep on the path of growth
Suggests the technique of asking friends for input and feedback Find the courage to ask others what they see in you—often a helpful guide.
Shows how positive emotions are an important guide to setting goals right and staying on mission You get to feel incredibly excited about what you are called to do, and be propelled by it to greater accomplishment.

Fulfilling Your Life Purpose also includes featured resources including printed and digital book, audio and video programs, seminars, workshops, webinars, teleseminars and live events from some of the top resource providers in the world.

These include Paul J. Meyer, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Houston, Deepak Chopra, Chris Howard, Robert Allen, Bob Proctor, Denis Waitley, Lynne Pierce, Jack Canfield, Jim Britt, Jack Zufelt, Dr. Jerry Teplitz, and hundreds of other best-selling authors, trainers and successful living coaches.

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Fulfilling Your Life Purpose is a Treasure Chest packed with over 50 pages of original content, fun and insightful self discovery assessments, Master Goals Setting Forms, Implementation Action Planning Exercises and several hundred dollars worth of FREE BONUSES.

Fulfulling Your Life Purpose and Mission

Fulfulling Your Life Purpose and Mission

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